We have always loved and appreciated good food that is artfully prepared with attention to every detail and a wonderful balance of flavors. It can be so uplifting and nurturing.

When we first started making chocolate for ourselves, we were amazed and thrilled by the complex multi-faceted flavors that we tasted. This was an experience we wanted to share.

Learning to make good chocolate was a lot of work, but the rewards were well worth it. In these times of mass-produced almost tasteless food, our chocolate was deep, flavorful and actually joyful to experience.

For many years we have eaten organic, real whole food, and wanted to incorporate that into our chocolate and confections. Our goal was to make a special treat with exceptional well-balanced flavors using only unrefined healthy ingredients.

We wanted to create something that many people on special diets could enjoy and didn’t make you feel awful like most candy.

After we made our truffle bars, and shared them with friends, the feedback was so positive we decided to start our chocolate business. We had always wanted a family business that utilized our different talents, supported our beliefs and values, and was also fun.


Damon, Connie and Jim